Gay Pride Tattoos

Liberty Rainbow as the gay pride tattoo factory provide the Rainbow Pride Temporary Tattoos keep skin safe and removable with hundreds design to celebrate to be yourself.




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Water Transfer Paper

Details about Gay Pride Tattoos

Details about Rainbow Equal Gay Pride Tattoo Stickers

All Love is Equal, Just be Proud of Who You Are with These Rainbow Tattoos.

Liberty Rainbow as the LGBT Rainbow Tattoo Stickers Manufacturer, we provide hundreds designs of tattoo stickers. The Rainbow Tattoo set is made of Water Transfer Print Paper, and it is 100% safety, wholly waterproof and sweatproof. We provide the mix color bulk shipping to you.

Colours of the rainbow are great for Gay Pride celebrations or activities. Go and Show off your gay pride with these assorted temporary tattoos. Enjoy your party with the Love Tattoo.


How to use
1. Cut the pattern you need.
2. Tear off the front transparent tape.
3. Stick the front on the skin.
4. Wipe the sticker with a damp cloth until it is completely wet.
5. Pull the edge lightly and check, if necessary, repeat the step 3 and 4.
6. Tear off the paper, and the tattoo will last for three to five days.

How to remove
You can use tattoo removal wipes,makeup remover, body lotion, baby oil, olive oil or alcohol to clean up.

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